Is our Body Ideal?

Speaking of beauty, appearance is one of the many beauties, correct? Good appearance, beautiful, and attractive would be a matter of pride for anyone who has it, both for men and women.  Especially for those who like to mingle and socialize with many people such as friends, work partners, or business relations.  They will definitely try to look as good and special as possible.

Then, what does a good and special appearance look like? A beautiful, friendly and pleasant face, clean, smooth skin, nice and neat clothes, and a slim, sexy and proportionate body, all of them are attractive.  Every person who looks attractive, will surely be the center of attention and admiration of many people, especially slim and sexy bodies.  For those who have it, it will certainly make all women jealous and all men amazed by the beauty of her body.

Just imagine. With an ideal body weight, proportional body shape, slim, and sexy, anyone will definitely look good wearing any model clothes.  Every eye that sees, surely will never get bored.  Conversely, if the body mass is far from ideal, too thin or fat, we can not wear clothes as desired, so that confidence also disappears.

So, until here, is your body weight and body mass ideal?

A. Find Out with BMI

Before discussing about diet, what needs to be known is how much our body mass.  As you well know, each person’s body mass is different. There are classified as thin (underweight), fat (overweight), and obesity.  Even though everyone already knows their body weight, it doesn’t mean they also know their body mass.

Most people assume that weight and height are enough to categorize someone thin, slim, or fat.  The fact is not so. To really know whether our bodies are thin, normal or fat, we need to measure our body mass first.  How to measure it?  Can it be measured with a scale?  Not with the scales, but with the Body Mass Index (BMI).  What is BMI?

BMI is a type of nutritional measuring device used to measure weight and find out whether our body is classified as thin, ideal, normal, or fat.  BMI according to WHO has the following criteria:

Body Mass Index (Kg / m)Interpretation
Ratio <18.5Less weight
Ratio 18.5-24,9Normal weight
Ratio > 25More weight
Ratio > 25-29,9Pre-obesity
Ratio > 30-34,9First stage obesity
Ratio 35-39,9Second stage obesity
Ratio > 40Third stage obesity

BMI has been recognized by the world as having a more effective way of measuring overall weight and height than just weighing it.  Besides being more effective, measuring body weight with BMI is also safer because it can detect underweight or overweight early on.  That way, you whose IMT is less or more, can immediately overcome it

What if you don’t know about IMT?  Yes, you need to know it first.  How? By using the formula, namely :

The purpose of the formula above is weight (in units of kilograms) divided by height (in meters squared).  For example, Jason has a height of 162 cm and a weight of 50 kg.  How to measure the BMI?  Apply the formula above in the following way.

So, based on the IMT table above, Jason’s IMT falls into the 18.5 – 24.9 ratio group which indicates that Rena’s body weight is considered normal.

B. If You Are Overweight or Obese

If you have measured your BMI, which group do you belong to?  Is it less, normal, more, or even obese?  If you don’t answer this question immediately, chances are only two, that is, you are overweight or even obese.  How come?  Of course, because someone who is otherwise thin aka underweight will usually react mediocre.  If declared ideal, then the reaction is absurdly happy.  Well, if declared fat, especially obesity, then the reaction is only two, namely sad or resentful.

Why be sad or resentful?  This is our body, it’s up to us to want to be thin, slim, or fat.  The ones who feel are not others, but ourselves. Correctly!  That’s the problem.  This is about ourselves, our appearance, and our health.  Other people have no right to interfere let alone determine the path we have to take.  Our lives are in our own hands.

Precisely because for our own good, we must try and give the best for our lives, including in terms of health.  Because like a wise man said, healthy is expensive.  Isn’t it better to prevent than cure?  You agree right?

By the way, what exactly is overweight and obesity?  Are they the same or different?  Overweight is defined as being overweight or fat.  In essence, when a person’s condition where the weight and height are not balanced or disproportionate, then he may be said to be overweight.  While obesity is defined as being overweight.  Not just fat, obesity refers more to obese people who exceed the limit, so it is often referred to as overweight or too fat.

It is almost certain that overweight and obesity are triggered by uncontrolled consumption of food.  In addition to food, overweight and obesity can also be caused by rarely exercising and an instant lifestyle.  That is what usually plays a big role in the fattening process.  Well, after the body becomes fat, maybe we just realized that being fat turned out to be quite a hassle.  With a fat body, we become lazy to exercise or even just do activities that are draining.  Not only that, fat body also makes the appearance look less okay because it can only wear clothes with large sizes.

In addition, do you know if overweight, especially obesity is susceptible to disease? Not just one, but several diseases. How come?  Are only fat people who can get the disease?  Certainly not.  Everyone can get a disease if they are not careful.  It’s just that, for people who are overweight and obese, the risk of developing the disease will be higher.

The reason is simple, a fat body must have a lot of fat in it.  Well, the fat that accumulates in the body is what disrupts the organ system in carrying out its functions.  That is what then causes the body to be vulnerable to diseases such as heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, or even stroke.  Now it has been clear the relationship between health and being overweight, isn’t it?

Okay, then what if we really are overweight or obese?  How can we be free from that terrible disease?  Of course it takes a lot of effort to normalize the weight that is already fat.  But, that does not mean there is no way, you know.  There are several ways to lose weight that many people have known for a long time, including exercising, drinking lots of water, and of course DIET !!

C. Diet Is The Key

Diet is one of the many effective ways to lose weight.  Why?  By regulating eating patterns appropriately and in a controlled manner, weight will quickly go down.  But is it really a powerful way to lose weight?  If done correctly, the diet is usually quite trustworthy effectiveness. But, how many people fail to diet? Usually those who fail to go on a diet are caused by a lack of will or maybe the wrong way of dieting so the diets fail.

For example, you are doing a diet program on the advice of a doctor.  Your diet program requires that you consume only fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain protein.  Plus, you also have to exercise diligently at least once a day so that the diet program runs smoothly.  Not only that.  Sometimes, you are also not allowed to snack or just eat foods that contain carbohydrates, fat, calories, or sugar altogether.  The provisions may be very difficult to do, because it may be contrary to your habits.  So, it takes extra effort to stay consistent through it.

To remain consistent and successful, of course we must obey the rules and discipline in undergoing a diet. Without it all, the possibility of failure will be greater.  Going on a diet isn’t as easy as it seems.  It takes effort, even “full of suffering” to be able to get the desired ideal weight.  There is no happiness without struggle!!

That is why the diet program for some people is considered torture because in the process are not allowed to eat this and that.  For those who are determined to lose weight, starvation is common.  As for those who lack the determination, will usually look for reasons to consume food restrictions.  This is what causes the failure of the diet.  In fact, a body that was already fat will potentially become even fatter when we violate established dietary rules.

Then, how to overcome it?  As mentioned above, having a strong determination and staying consistent with dietary decisions is key.  The analogy is like we would choose a school where we would study.  Of the many schools offered, of course we will choose the school that suits us, starting from the education, the quality of the teachers, the facilities, the social environment, and also the cost.  When we have determined which school we choose and start to enter it, surely we cannot easily retreat or run away simply because it turns out that the school we choose is not in accordance with our wishes. We should remain there until we finish our education, unless the school is unsafe and dangerous.  That’s just the responsibility.

Same with choosing a school, in undergoing a diet program we also must be responsible. If we are determined to go on a diet, surely we must take it seriously.  We realize the seriousness by obeying the rules and living them thoroughly. After completing it, then we can judge whether the diet that we live successful or not.

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