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Diet … diet … diet …! This word indeed seems to be a frightening specter for those of us who are overweight. Of course, who wants to leave the feeling of security and comfort with the lifestyle that we usually live, such as eating whatever we like, doing whatever we like or relaxing as we like. Basically, everything we want can be obtained easily.

Of course everyone wants to do it. However, do not be surprised if some time later you find that your stomach is stretchy. Why? Nothing else is caused by your habits. Yes, the habit of doing things is not patterned. Eat whenever you feel hungry, snacking out of control, doing instantaneous activities, and rarely exercising. With this pattern, do not be surprised if your body weight increases.

Wow, if it’s like this, how? If you still insist on not wanting to leave your habits, just close this website and be prepared to change your clothes to a larger size. But, if you want to stop your weight gain, you do the right thing to choose this website as a reference. Now that you are interested and determined to change your appearance to be more healthy and beautiful, get ready to get to know what a diet is. How can you go on a safe and comfortable diet without having to fear torture. Now, if previously we had mentioned a little about diet, now we will discuss everything about diet and the reasons why diet tends to be scary.

A. Why should you diet?

Some people may regret why you have to bother and torture yourself by dieting. Isn’t there a slimming drug? There are also various tools, such as clothes, which can streamline the body. Everything is so practical. No need to reduce the size of the meal, no need to be tired of exercise, and still can snack as we like. How are you tempted?

Some people say that there are more instant ways to lose weight do have a point, such as how drugs and slimming clothes can be more practical. However, in reality it is not enough just to take medicine or wear slimming clothing, then we can just wait for the body to slim down by itself. It’s not that simple. In practice, you still have to balance with exercise, reduce food portions and snacking, and so forth. Nutritions or supplements and slimming clothes are just a means of helping you slim down quickly.

That means the ads are deceptive?! Fooling isn’t. However, some advertisements do try to offer their products in as attractive a language as possible. For that, we must also be very clever to catch the language of advertising. Almost all advertisements only provide solutions or alternatives to lose weight more easily and practically with persuasive language . The issue of whether the product is successful or not depends on the wearer himself. Is he/she disciplined and obey the rules or not. Again, we ourselves are the key. Yes, it is we who determine whether the diet that we do is successful or not.

If so, dieting or taking slimming Nutritions or supplements is the same. More or less the same thing, but there is also a difference. Diet is done with the instructions of a doctor or nutritionist (a person who is competent in the field of health) so that the process is more controlled. In addition, the diet is safer because the food consumed is the same as the main food. It’s just that the portions may be slightly reduced and the meal schedule more scheduled. While slimming drugs (except for prescriptions from doctors) are more risky because the composition of the ingredients is not guaranteed. In addition, it is possible to contain preservatives that are not safe for consumption. Based on this consideration, rather than slimming drugs, diet is actually safer to do, especially with adequate knowledge or expert supervision.

From earlier we only talked about how to lose weight. You certainly also want to know, other benefits of diet in addition to losing weight? This is the greatness of the diet compared to other methods. Besides being effective and effective in losing weight, diet is also beneficial for those who suffer from certain diseases, such as diabetes, gout, hypertension, heart disease, and others. Can you really? Certainly can. The Doctors strongly advise patients with these diseases to go on a diet for their recovery. Of course, diets that are carried out are different from diets to streamline the body which later we will discuss in detail in other chapters on this website .

B. Diet = Hunger?

It seems that people’s thoughts about dieting almost always dwell on hunger because dieters must reduce the portion of food. There is also a point, considering that many people assume that the diet is trimming the number of portions of food. Because of this perception, eventually there are many people who feel they can’t stand it because they have to endure hunger. In fact, diet is not always so you know.

The true meaning of diet is a more controlled dietary arrangement that aims to lose weight. Remember, control your diet, not reduce it! Reducing food portions is only one method in the diet, because not all diets practice it. Because changing and controlling diet is not easy, then dieters also need a pretty hard effort in dieting. One of them might be the offender will feel a little hungry.

Why do many people say that if you want to go on a diet you should be prepared to starve? That’s because people’s knowledge about diet only revolves around reducing food portions. In fact, not all diets recommend reducing food portions. Because the diet itself is of various kinds. It could be, people who think that diet is identical to hunger only refers to one type of diet.

The meaning of a diet identical to hunger only applies when the person concerned is first introduced to the diet as a powerful method of losing weight. Along with technological developments in the health sector, the problem of hunger while on a diet has been minimized. Is it true? Yes, with various studies, various diet methods are popping up more and more. Some of the diet methods have been discovered by doctors and experts in the field of nutrition and health in the hope that the diet can remain effective in slimming the body, and at the same time can be done without the offender having to feel hungry. Wow, good news for you, right?

With a variety of methods, doctors and health experts are competing to formulate a food starch that is effective in binding hunger while being consumed by the body. The result, a variety of diets also appear like mushrooms in the rainy season. Coupled with the number of cases of obesity that is rampant, diet programs can be one of the safe and inexpensive methods to lose weight.

Then, what is a safe, inexpensive and effective diet like? The main key to success in dieting certainly comes from your intention and determination. How strong is your desire to lose weight? Is it stronger than the desire to eat food when you feel hungry? The answer is yes, because otherwise you would not be reading this book, right? Even so, intention and determination alone is not enough. Must be balanced with intelligence in determining which foods are good to consume so that the diet runs smoothly and does not make you starve. We want to be able to go on a diet without feeling tortured because of hunger, right?

C. How come your diet is still fat?

When you have volunteered to hold hunger and reject favorite foods, of course you hope that your efforts are not in vain. Like a “have tried hard, of course we expect maximum results” However, what happens if the reality is the opposite? Already running a diet program for months, it turns out the weight never decreases. Wow vain is our sacrifice! If so, why are we tired of dieting when it turns out our efforts are not bearing fruit?

Whoaaa!! … Stop first the complaint session! Instead of complaining, we better find out the cause. The number of people who fail to go on a diet is actually caused by several factors. Some come from the personality of the dieter himself, some come from the application of the wrong diet method, and some are caused by a diet method that does not match the body’s condition. For more details, let’s look at some of the factors causing the failure of the following diet:s

  • Eat once with many servings

When you are absolutely sure you are going on a diet program, make sure you ask your doctor or expert. Your doctor will definitely give guidance and instructions on how to go on a balanced diet and stay in control. If you feel that going to the doctor will be enough to drain the bag, then at least have some sort of proper dietary guidebook. Do not just guess yourself, that what is important in dieting is to reduce the portion of food. That way, you will also think that eating once a day in fantastic portions is the same as dieting. Any doctor will not recommend this method. Apart from only torturing the digestive system, this step will not bring any changes to your weight. In fact, for some people, this way of eating actually makes the body fatter than before.

  • Rely on Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables Only

Doctors and nutritionists strongly recommend that people who are dieting diligently eat fruits and vegetables because these two types of food are indeed rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The content will help the process of digestion of food in the body.

The role of these two types of food is indeed very important, but that does not mean that only two types of food that can be eaten during dieting. Even though we are dieting, we also still need the intake of nutrients and other nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and also a limited amount of fat. Because after all, our bodies need carbohydrates as a source of energy , protein as an amplifier of the body, and fat as a source of body heat.

As long as eating it in the right amount and not excessive, all the nutrients that enter the body will not cause weight gain. Conversely, consuming only a portion of nutrition can reduce weight quickly. Even so, it will cause the stomach to be hungry and at the same time unhealthy, so it has more potential to violate dietary rules by eating at the wrong time, for example at night. Or, it could also be due to overexerting yourself, even making yourself sick. The results? Do not even think the diet was successful, even the existing diet failed because it had to be treated in hospital. Ouch!

  • Avoiding Protein Foods

Who says that diets cannot consume protein foods at all? Whoaa!! .. don’t get me wrong! Quite the opposite. A successful diet is a diet that increases the intake of vegetable protein as a strengthening of the body so that it is not easily weak. You know, doesn’t protein make you fat? Animal protein might indeed make you fat. However, if vegetable protein such as tempeh, tofu, soy milk, and beans, will not make fat accumulate. As long as you consume it not too much, you don’t need to be afraid of being fat. So, for those of you who fail to run a diet, you may always avoid protein foods so that the body becomes weak and without energy. When the body is weak, you will most likely try to treat it by eating. Right?

  • Uncontrolled Diet

Result-oriented is fine. In fact, that is indeed our main goal in business, right? But if it’s excessive, it’s called endurance out of the limit. In other words, trying to reach something as hard as possible beyond the limits of ability. The result is that there are only two possibilities, that is, achieving a goal or failing at all.

It’s the same with diet. Excessive dieting and tend to be out of control is very risky. If done with all his strength or tend to force yourself, do not rule out the diet will fail because the body is unable to be compromised to work harder than usual. So, what is there instead of being slim, but instead lost weight due to falling ill. In fact, the worst things like death can also occur, you know.

  • Failed to Control Sugar Consumption

In addition to some of the factors mentioned above, this one factor can also cause your diet to fail. Not only carbohydrates, fats, and calories can ruin a diet, but also sugar that is consumed in excess. How come? Yes, as you know that the sweet taste of sugar causes us to always want to consume more food and drinks. Of course, it will damage the diet program that we have struggled to live. Because in addition to increasing hunger and thirst, consuming sugar will also increase blood sugar levels to become unbalanced . Our body’s metabolic processes will not be smooth. Because of that slow metabolic process, our body becomes fat. That is why, in any type of diet program, sugar is never included in the list of foods for dieters.

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